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FS 1988 1.5 Gen4

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Located in Fort Worth TX.
Power windows and locks
119k miles on the body
Swap has about 4500 miles
Clean title
$9000 obo

Car was built by ATSRacing, it is full gen4 swap with working air conditioning. Runs and drive great, pulls very strong, makes about 240whp. Body is in good condition without any rust, front fenders has some small dents and touched up paint. Whole car was repainted, paint is in above average condition. Interior is clean without any damaged or missing trim. Lowered with ST springs, shocks I believe are KYB all around.
PM for more pictures.

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love it and have been looking for one of these. makes me disappointed that I missed a nice one for $7K a while ago. there is no doubt that this is a beautiful well done car....and that it's a remarkable amount of performance for $.

but mk1s (of any type) just don't bring the big $.

it's a shame, given the silly amounts offered for that other toyota sibling - the supra mk IV.
Price is a little up there as I am not sure about selling this car.
i would be hesitant about selling the car. what's a few grand going to do in the scheme of things.

cars like this are super rare. most mk1s have rusted away into nothing or been abused by teenagers. it's a shame because it's a nice platform. then, you add on that this is a GEN4 swap done by a reputable shop, and it's not such an easy decision.

this is an extremely rare car for a number of reasons.

granted, most people don't care about any of these reasons, but i'm a fan.
Would be really tempting at a bit more palatable price but I understand not wanting to sell. PM me if you come down on price some.
i have personally driven this car and loved every minute of it; quick throttle response, excellent shape for the age, and drives amazing. i would trade my MKII with a gen3 from Prime for this car any day.
I will post interior pictures this weekend.
Interior is clean without any missing or broken trim.

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Too bad its impossible to register this car on CA with those modes.
Too bad its impossible to register this car on CA with those modes.
Too bad you live in California. I don't feel sorry for you all that have to pass strict emissions.
This is a awesome car. I've pondered multiple times of selling my Supra to try and get this before it's gone.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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