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FS: 1986 Toyota MR2 MK1.5

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The car was recently involved in a rear-end collision. It just wasn't worth it for me to fix it. It has a salvage title already from an earlier rear-end collision. The car still starts up and drives, and I drove it back home after the collision. It comes as-is. I would recommend getting a trailer if you want to pick it up, but it is driveable if you are really ambitious.

I'm asking $4000 OBO. I don't know what a good price would be, that's why it's OBO. Don't try to lowball me though, I am not in a rush to sell. It would be a good parts car, though fixing it up would probably cost a bit. I was quoted about $4000 to fix the damage by my insurance company (seems pretty high compared to what I personally think after looking at the damage). I'll link an album of the car at the bottom of this post.

The car is located in Southern California, in La Quinta. 92253

Mod list:

ST205 3SGTE w/ E153 LSD
BKR7E copper spark plugs (recently changed)
SpeedSource engine mount kit
SS clutch line
Fidanza LWFW (10 lbs)
ACT HD Clutch (TM1-HDSS)
FrozenBoost Heat Exchanger
CM90 water pump
3" custom intake w/ 5" AEM Filter & water-proof sock
Berk 3" DP
Berk exhaust
Walboro 225lph fuel pump
CRW MK1.5 Axles
Custom engine coolant routing w/ AN fittings & nylon braided lines

Koni Yellow Shocks (Front will need replacing soon, I'll include the front replacements)
Ground Control sleeves w/ Eibach springs (250f/450r)
Front/rear ST swaybars
Quaife Quick Ratio R&P
New inner/outer tierods & balljoints

Frunk MC Brace
Goodrich SS lines
RBF600 fluid
Porterfield R4S pads

Enkei RP01 (5) w/ 4 having Advan AD08's 205/50. 5th wheel has S-Drive tires.

Corbeau Forza seats
Sparco Steering wheel
Upgraded audio system (Sony Xplode HU, upgraded speakers in door & dash, 10" subwoofer behind passenger seat, & amp under driver seat)
Innovate MTX-L wideband gauge
ProSport boost/water temp (front heat exchanger)/air temp (in/out @ W2A intercooler) gauges
Greddy oil pressure gauge
Greddy Profec Type-S boost controller

Battery relocation kit (frunk)
93+ shifter & drop plate w/ custom-made short shifter bracket
CRW spherical shifter bushing

I can't really think of all the mods off the top of my head. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll try and answer them.

Here are some pictures:
This is a picture of the damage. You can decide how bad it is. 15.15.44_zpsaztneqbf.jpg

Album links: engine swap
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can you take a picture of the damage with the trunk open
Trunk opens fine and the firewall looks OK

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oh Ryoma, ______ deal man. didnt hear about this till now. Condolences to you.
that's what i guessed. Just pointing it out for anyone interested, it sounds like he is including another shell with the car, which might account for the price difference
yeah it did. good on him if he does flip it though, I knew I was selling it for a loss.
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