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For sale is my 1987 Toyota MR2.

$1100, located in LA. Local pick up only.

I've had it for about a year and a half and it has been a good car, but recently it became difficult to shift into first gear. I replaced the master and slave cylinders, but the shifting has not gotten better, so I think the problem might be with the throw out bearing. I still drive it daily, it just takes a little extra effort to shift.

Aside from the transmission, the engine is leaking oil. I have to fill up about a quart per 250 miles.

I've kept the car drivable, but it would definitely benefit from a restoration job. Alternatively, it could be used as a parts car.

Car is rust free, as it has been in CA its whole life.

202,000 miles. The Previous owner claimed that the engine was rebuilt recently, but I am not sure what exactly was done.

The wheels are the original teardrop wheels from the sc car, not the wheels pictured.

Minor bumper damage on front right side of car.

Interior is dark blue and in good condition, everything is there. I can add pictures of the interior upon request.

Asking price is $1100. Car is located in Los Angeles, CA. I do not want to deal with shipping it, so local pick up only please.


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