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I've been trying to track down an issue forever on my '86 and finally found it, figured I would spread the word. Really low power, car seems sluggish, and then when you really get it up to operating temperature and turn it off, the car wont start again until it cools down for a while. I tried everything, made sure the fuel injection system was up to par, it was. I made sure the spark was strong, it was. I put all kinds of solvents and cleaners in to flush everything out (which improved things but didn't fix it) and then I started enriching the mixture by tweaking the calibration dial inside the air flow sensor. Really happy about finding out how well that works by the way..
I checked all the temp sensors, and vacuum valves and things that the ecu does to regulate air/fuel mixture.. everything checked out

I started finding threads here about how replacing the coil and igniter might fix this problem. There was an explanation that the igniter will work fine at low temp, but then once it starts to get hot, the internal connections might start to separate and you loose spark power. I realized I had only checked spark strength at lower operating temperatures.

Well! It turns out I took the whole coil and igniter apart and there was corrosion inhibiting my grounding. I figured out that the actual bracket that the coil mounts to the car with acts as a ground wire, and the thing had gotten all rusty. I ground down to metal any kind of tab or anything that would be associated with grounding, and even ground down the spots on the car body that the bracket touches. I also did my best to clean the various bolts and scrub off the rust on the threads. I greased them all up lightly, and after putting it back together its fixed! I totally have a huge horse power boost, I feel like its back to its original power. The car starts instantly at hot start now.

Even if you're not experiencing problems starting while hot like I was.. doing this cleaning might just improve your horse power!
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