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Five Guys Meet

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Alright guys and gals, per a suggestion, here's a new thread. Tomorrow (Thursday, May 12th, thank you Zeno) we will be meeting at Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Morris Plains off of Route 10 West around 7:00 pm. I encourage anybody who is even thinking about showing up to just do it! Don't make me call you out by name!!!
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.Mr2Nice. said:
Hey Bryan, can you bring the throttle body there today? Thanks. :thumbup

LTD36 said:
Bryan, could you also bring the gasket for the water neck to the head pretty plz :angel:

This feels like home to me. Everyone is always asking me to do something.... sheesh :smile:
Ranpastrana said:
what time are we meeting? 7:30?
yes I should be there at 7:30
JDSingh said:
Bryan, Can you bring your lift so I can do an oil change?

Sorry, couldn't' resist
lmao..i was going to ask him to bring his air compressor so i can fill up my r/r tire, looks low :smile:

i couldnt make it tonight but i was down in the p-town area around 830 and saw heavy police presence near the Applebees and a few tuner douches rolling around. After last week i wouldnt be surprised if the meet there got shutdown
I know we don't usually do this meet every week, but does anyone want to get together for this on this Thursday? I finally have my MR2 in very drivable condition and I wanted to bring it out before it inevitably breaks again lol. Also going to try to pick up a GM knock sensor from a 2.2L Pontiac Sunfire today to give that a shot as I hear it works identically to ours :)
i'm down for 5guys this thurs
Well, I've done it... I've inevitably broken my MR2 once more :( but I should still be there around 8.
Bryan, do you want me to swing by around 7? I'm gonna try to toss in my stock knock sensor in the mean time.
I might stop by as well around 7 or so.
Im fixin to get there round 8
Likewise, for all 10 seconds it was good lol.
BinaryDriver said:
Good seeing you guys! :thumbup
brings back memories of the IMOC email days. :thumbup
Next time were gonna cruise the backwoods roads of Randolph. Lets ring these turbos out :smile:
WrenchswingeR said:
Next time were gonna cruise the backwoods roads of Randolph. Lets ring these turbos out :smile:
I'm all for it homie, I figure these roads could use a fresh coat of oil!
You guys doing 5 guys tonight?
141 - 160 of 193 Posts
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