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With no aftermarket options available to mount a fire extinguisher in the interior of the AW11, I thought I’d make some. Here are the details:

This bracket allows you to mount a single 2.5lb fire extinguisher to the front of your passenger seat using the two front bolts that mount the seat to the car. Although interior space in the AW11 is very limited, this bracket utilizes space in the interior that would otherwise never be occupied. Having the extinguisher in front of the passenger seat allows for easy accessibility for both the driver and passenger. The full forward and backward functionality of the seat is still retained without interference. This kit also includes the fire extinguisher quick release clamp which allows for quick and hassle free mounting and dismounting of the fire extinguisher.

Compatibility of the included quick release clamp is limited to some 2.5lb extinguishers. Here in Canada, the Garrison 1A10BC 2.5lb is a perfect fit. However, this exact model of extinguisher is not available in the US. I am offering two options as a solution to this problem:

Option A) Quick release clamp included along with the hardware to install it to the bracket. I cannot guarantee fit with anything other than the Garrison extinguisher mentioned previously. If you’d like to try purchasing an extinguisher similar in size, the measurements of the Garrison extinguisher are 3 1/8” in diameter and 15” in length.

Option B) No quick release clamp included. The pre drilled holes and hardware is also not included and must be sourced according to the clamp that is included with your extinguisher. Holes must be drilled according to your extinguisher clamp. This is more work on your end but will guarantee fit with whichever 2.5lb extinguisher you purchase.

Pricing is as follows:

Option A) $145CAD Shipped

Option B) $120CAD Shipped

If you’ve got any questions feel free to message me.

Want to purchase one? Message me your full shipping address and whether you’d like Option A or B. I accept payment through PayPal at [email protected].

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