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As posted in the General Discussion forum...

Since there are no repop stripes that are OEM correct I decided to have them custom made. These are not 3 separate pieces of tape but rather one clear piece of tape with the pinstripes printed onto them just like factory. I was surprised at how difficult it was to find a company that would/could do this job. Most just suggested using the 3 separate stripe method which I dont like.

These cost about 10x more than the repop versions but at least they're correct. I'm still working on getting the colour exactly matched but with dark stripes from 5 feet away I can't tell the difference. I'm extremely picky and I was pretty happy with how these turned out. Sorry for the lousy pics.

I laid the new stripe over top of the original stripe and the sizing looks perfect. It doesn't look perfect across the bottom but it actually is. The colour is close too.

Once I get the colour matched I'm going to order enough to do my car at least twice. Just in case I need some later.
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