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I have
2 shift cable.... good condition 3 yrs old $50
2 brake cable.... good condition 5 yrs old $30
back trunk cable.... working condition $10
throttle cable (no cruise control) 5yrs old $25
4 Goodrige bake lines.... good condition 3 yrs old $60
all brake calipers $30 each
4 spindles w/hubs, bearing and longer studs 4yrs old $40each
T-top glass.... cheap condition $50
all control arms with TRD bushings.... 5 yrs old $you tell me what you need

2 side window glasses
both head light motors
wiper motor
heater core
heater control unit (manuel temp control)
blower motor
instrument panel
steering rack w/ 5 yr old tie rod ends
steering column
turn signal control unit (no cruise)
+many more
all working condition $? make me an offer

my e mail [email protected]

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Hey tim .. how ya been
Brake cables.. are they the parking brake cables? if so ill take em
and how much for the arms with TRD bushings?

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LOL you guys are crazy this thread is 3 YEARS OLD.

I acquired many of Tim's parts.
JDMBill and kondor4130 I'm 99% sure this parts are long gone.
RockBaka I have a good condition RED trunk lid - make me any offer and it's your! Just come pick it up.

[email protected]
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