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89 AW11 NA, Red Spraypaint Mess (from PO)
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The Actual Question: When bleeding the master brake cylinder: the lines are off and someone presses the pedal. Should you get simultaenous brake fluid from both ports/holes, or does one start squirting fluid before the other one? In my case, it's the latter (though I don't recall which one starts first - I think the one closer to the firewall, but that's a guess).

The Rest:Hey folks! I've been working on my 89 NA AW11, and have been tackling the brakes. The rear calipers were off, so I assumed air in the whole system. I've "probably bled it adequately, but have had limited pedal help availability, and am still waiting for my pressure bleeder resovoir adapter to show up. I can't say for sure that the fluid from each bleeder has been clear; I'll tackle it more soon, I think! (It's challenging to get all 4 corners up in the air, I find, and it'll be even worse when I'm on gravel instead of a cement garage floor!)

I may have further questions re: brake diagnostics, but that'll be a different thread I think. Mostly, I want to figure out if the master cylinder is working essentially-as-expected.

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