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ENKEI RPF1 Wheels 17x9, 17x9.5, Michellin Pilot Super Sport Tires

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Enkei RPF1 17x9, 17x9.5 with (95%F, 80%R) thread life 2015 pilot super sport tires(#1 rated for extreme summer performance category tire w/ excellent dry grip w/ amazing wet traction).

Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks.

17x9 +22

17x9.5 +18

$1400 picked up. $1443 + shipping...(Not that eagar to ship but will do so if there is interest)
Located in San francisco.

Tires cost $650-700 for a set of 4.
Mount and balance is close to $100.
Tax is probably 180.
Wheels alone are worth $1060+

Get everything at my lost for $1400 picked up or a little more shipped :)

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updated thread
Split the pairs up ill take the 17X9+22 with out tires!
Lets do it!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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