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SDS EM-2F on 89SC(twincharged)

-stock engine
-stock crank pulley
-dual intercoolers
-t3/t4 50trim
-500cc injectors
-3" downpipe/exhaust
-Zeitronix wideband w/ boost & egt
-Blitz Dual SBC
-emissions friendly ;)

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hydra nemesis

hydra nemeisi ecu
gt3076r turbo
rmr intake manifold
spearco intercooler
supra 550cc injectors
wisco 87mm piston
tail external wastegate
gready blew off valve
70mm throttle body
water injection
blitz hyper sigle clutch
trd lsd
bbk walboro fuel pump intank
bored out stock fuel rail :)

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T67 with 10cm2

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So had a Power FC, then sold it and got a ROM Tune, sold it and got an AEM EMS, sold it and now have another Power FC...

Yeah... I know....

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1993 Gen 2 SW20
AP Engineering Power FC
Gen 2 Wiring harness
Gen 3 Celica ST205 engine

So my ECU is intended to be a Gen 3, but have been modified by AP Engineering to be a Gen 2, running on a Gen 2 harness, but on a Gen 3 Engine.

mix and match much?

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I'm running 91 usdm turbo on Megasquirt. I finally put the pedal to the floor the other day, so I figured it is time to post up here. The motor is unopened with a td06, a2w, dual fuel rails, and ms-extra code 029y4 with edis ignition. All of the stock wiring is intact, thanks to an mr2 specific breakout board. I've been getting 28mpg on a rough tune, but after pulling some more fuel out I have 150 miles on this tank with about 3/5 left in the tank.
Anyways, when I am closer to completion I will be posting more details, like wiring diagrams and pics.

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This is my second Aem ems. I think I might try the apexi power fc out though, everyone seems to have great luck with it.

ats gt3082 kit
wolfkatz rail with 850cc injectors
HKS super drager exhaust
ats 2.0 with engle valve springs and wiseco pistons
tte headgasket with L19 studs
HKS 264 cams
AEM 3.5bar with gm iat sensor
msd 6 with blaster 3 coil

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Running a power FC
Eagle rods
Custom Je pistons(20 over and custom 8.5:1 CR)
Clevite Bearings
Arp headstuds
OEM metal HG which puts my CR around 8.3:1
OEM gasket set
stock ct20b
3 inch berk dp
3 inch ems exhaust
greddy BC
greddy side mount
greddy bov

Made 306 and 283 at 17 psi with a mildly rich tune (11.3's)

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Haltech e11v2
Spearco IC
GT3076 @ 14psi
custom fuel rail
Sard 800CC inj
turbosmart FPR (@40psi)
tial 50mm WG
AVO duel port BOV
JE ceramic coated pistons (top & skirt) 0.020" overbore
ARP hardware throughout
Clevite77 & King bearings
TRD headgasket
Custom Ex manifold, inlet piping, DP, Sump
Berk Exhaust.
few other bits..

making 220rwkw with heat soaked intercooler
(pulling 10 degrees of timing and 80degree C intake temp)

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1991 Celica Alltrac
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Bits going on the alltrac:

AEM ems
Gen IV block GenIII head
Swaintech coated 86.5 ATS wiseco's
Crower Rods
KO ARP2000 head studs
ARP Main studs
1600cc ford motorsport injectors (for e85 :) )
RC/CS turbo (like a ct20b but with a inconel turbine)
ST205 A2W with dual heat exchangers.

Eventually going to put in one of those ems powered equal length manifolds with probably a gtx3076. But im going to save up for it, and install it after I run the RC some. Also will eventually upgrade the IC too but im not sure which route I will be going. Even further down the road will include some Tein coilovers and upgraded brakes

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AEM EMS(30-1120)
USDM 95 3SGTE (unopened)
CT27(46), Greddy SMIC, GM Boost Control Solenoid
custom 3" intake, 3" DP, KO 2.5"(7" mufflers)
Wolfkatz Fuel Rail, Walbro 255, 550cc 2JZGTE injectors, Aeromotive 13109 AFPR
IK20's on stock ignition
Southbend HD-OFE clutch
95T non-LSD E153 w/ Kaaz 1.5-way LSD

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Another FreeEMS install, silver top 4age on an engine stand in a garage:

Stock CAS in 24/1 mode, no tune, flat tables, stock config settings, stock ITBs, single MAP sensor, speed density, second start in 2 years, the first minutes before.

Fourth FreeEMS install, displayed at public meeting for a croud who applauded the roaring thundering 4age :) Any AW11 fan, except maybe Jerry, will appreciate this :)


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AEM EMS plug and play

- AEM Map sensor
- AEM UEGO wideband O2
- AEM boost solenoid
- Supra fuel pump
- Supra 550 cc injectors (800cc Sard's in the mail)
- large A2W I/C with front mount heat exchanger
- GT2860RS turbo w/.86 trim turbine
- RMR square intake manifold
- factory 2nd gen internals, cams, etc.
- unsure of the exhaust

288 RWHP and 290 RW LB-Ft of torque. Torque dropped off slowly after about 4500 RPM so there's power to be made yet. That was at 18 psi. Have been tuning the AEM more myself since the dyno trying to improve the low throttle fuel maps. They were horrid from the start and it's been a learning curve but so far so good.

Going to stick with the AEM and possibly let it control water injection past 10 psi or so... The AEM already controls boost, trying to get it to control as much as possible in a "single box" solution. Looking at putting a AIT sensor just downstream from the IC and let the AEM control the A2W pump. No point in it running all the time if I'm cruising on the highway not under boost...

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I used to work for Adaptronic, so naturally I have an Adaptronic ECU.
I have the e1280s ECU, just because I can, but it is overkill for most SW20s.
The Adaptronic Select ECU would be perfect for an SW20 though.

Note: my engine is quite highly modified, including a GT3076R turbo and W2A IC setup, among many other things.
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