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posted by smelly
I was thinking it would be a good idea to collect information on who has what on what car.

I'll start;

Haltech E6k
'88 4agze
custom direct fire igntion

Feel free to email or PM me questions on the haltech or my setup.

My wiring page
posted by t4 mr2
92 mkII turbo
Halteck e6k, sequential injection
posted by Troymx576
I have had a TEC 2 in my car and now have a TEC 3 in my car with fuel sequential injection.

posted by Ben Wilson
I've also got an E6K, but, it's in a box in the shed...

It used to be on my 20v.
posted by Ben Wilson
I've also got an E6K, but, it's in a box in the shed...

It used to be on my 20v.
posted by texasmr2
Autronic SMC w/Autotune----$1365
$NoCash$ PnP harness
M&W CDI Drag Ignition
950cc Injectors
Garage Advance Duel Feed Fuel Rail
Aeromotive FPR
Aeromotive 1000hp In-line pump
posted by Renegade
92 J-spec turbo with a Autronic smc.
Having trouble getting the power steering working but that should be sorted out soon hopefully
posted by Shane Bawa
Hey Guys;

88 MR2 SC with compleatly re-spec 4AGZE

EMS: Fast Bank-to-Bank System

MSD Crank Trigger
MSD 7AL Box and ProHVC coil
550CC RC injectors
Bosch Fuel filter and Pump
Re-done custome Fuel rail
earl's braided fuel lines.

This EMS was never before used on a MR2, forget about a 4AG motor. Works GREAT, now that we have it compleatly figured it out...

posted by ren28
Electromotive TEC 2
91 Turbo
gen2 3S-GTE
TD06 (soon to be GT25R)
static rail pressure around 43psi (for now)
SupraTT fuel pump
dual feed rail

still learning how to tune here
posted by nitrusmr2
I have had an Accel Gen 6 before but now I have a Motec M4 Pro on my 91 turbo MR2.

I plan to install an Autronic SMC on one of the other ATS cars within a month too.

posted by Troymx576
Mike Turner-
2001 Sypder will have TEC 3 system within a month.
posted by BlueWS93t
I have an Accel DFI Gen 7 with a wideband 02 senor. I get 24 miles per gallon on the highway and check my sig for power.
Supra pump static FP set at 43psi
85lb/min injectors
sequential injection
Incon GT3035 turbo
Hux Intake manifold
posted by Jev
Apexi power FC with Commander(handheld controller) and the boost control kit.

Also have just order the datalgit kit, which has a laptop interface for logging and settings.
posted by xLusi0n
I have an Accel DFI Gen 6.

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posted by Dustin
Apexi Power FC
Apexi FC commander
Apexi boost control kit

all this in a GEN III MR2
posted by itztitz
Accel DFI Gen6
91 NA w/custom turbo setup
360cc injectors
MSD 6a
Crane PS91 coil
Mustang 65mm throttle body
posted by RickyB
1991 MR2 Turbo
550cc Injectors/DFFR/Supra pump/Aeromotive FPR
DYI tachometer amplifier
Electric fuel pressure sender datalogged by TEC3
Aquamist Water Injection controlled by TEC3
Techedge Wideband O2 datalogged by TEC3
No stock ECU on board
posted by MyToy89MR2
electromotive tec2
4agte 10 psi at the moment
posted by Zeus
Soon to be Autronic'd

91 4WD Turbo Celica
(my webpage :p)
posted by DavidV
Gen III Swap
Apexi Power FC
Apexi Power FC Commander
Apexi Power FC Boost Control Kit
Apexi Power Excel Tuned
Phoenix's Power 850cc injectors and big bore rail
HKS Twin Power Ignition
Aquamist 2S w/GM 3 Bar MAP sensor

-- DavidV :D
posted by cubanmissile
Felipe Villalobos
Apexi Power FC on Gen III
posted by sw20T
Autronic SMC with chip version 1.92 (autotune)

other mods pertaining to power level...

RPS manifold DP
hks 272's
built engine (valves, pistons, rods)
Ported and polished cylinder head.
RMS short runner intake manifold
alot of other stuff...

all parts are sitting in my spare bedroom.
Will post maps, and other info when the car is up and running

posted by mister_two
I have the following installed on my 1994 TYPE III GT-S

A'PEXi Power FC
A'PEXi Commander
A'PEXi Boost control kit
posted by Bill Strong
1986 MR2 Chassis...
1991 J-Spec 4agelu small port
Twin Weber DCOE
Electromotive HPV Distributerless ignition

My 1800cc 4AGE 20v Turbo will have an Electromotive TEC III next X-Mas
posted by brentpicasso
1985 Mk1
Large port 4agTe ??psi

Megasquirt EFI

Ford EDIS distributorless igniton (working on controller to signal advance to EDIS module)
posted by Il-Kwon
MoTeC M800

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posted by Medpilot
Currently installing Autronic SM2 on my Brother's 95'. Soon to have one on my 93'
posted by Irving
91 turbo
wasted spark direct fire mazda ign
75 lb inj to be fired sequentially
will be running soon

posted by snodgrass23
91 n/a (for now)
Accel DFI gen 7+
posted by 3SGTE TURBO
93 turbo
td06.. ..for now

accel dfi gen 6 in the closet .. will be installed soon .. :)
posted by sikmr2
1987 AW11
map sensored 4agze
EMS Stinger and ignitor
posted by cul8tr
I am using FAST by Speed Pro & Auto Tune with data logger.

1600cc x 4 injectors and it idles fine.
posted by grimjack
Haltech E6k
TD06, HKS 264 Cams, SMC Injection, 850cc injectors
posted by NoShoes
TEC3 running sequential, 850cc injectors.
posted by rasta26
TEC II 550 injectors for now
97 GEN IV 62-1 turbo
posted by mr3
Tec 3
posted by scothaniel
Link Plus EMS
Sequential injection, boost control, data logging.
posted by Dmitri
sequential, 550cc (x4)
posted by kblake
93T 2.2L 3SGTE
JZA80 540cc/min injectors x4
SDR Maxi "Sparkdog" PnP EMS from RickyB and Armstrom

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posted by MK84
Microtech LT8
1990 Toyota MR2 G-Limited
3VZ-FE V6 swap
posted by TurboTom
Motec M48 Pro
Motec Ignition expander (4 coils)
M&W 4 channel Ignition
Bosch 363's running 50 psi static Primary off of supra pump in stock tank
Soon to have 4 more 363's running Secondary off of Paxton pump on 3 gallon fuel cell in trunk.
RPS manifold for T4 Turbo
Adapter plate to fit T3 flange
GT3540 Turbo .82 A/R
RMR Intake Manifold
RMR Fuel Rail
Spearco liquid/air intercooler
Stock Motor (stock cams, stock from valve cover to oil pan)
[email protected] more to come or go if it doesn't hold up haha
posted by TRUSTed2BOOST
91 Black SW21
97 Gen3
Apexi Power FC
Boost Control Kit
Blitz Cast Iron Manifold
Tial 40mm WG

Still debating on turbo...what else is new?
posted by scott1perez
posted by Armstrom
SDR Plug and Play EMS (Of course :) )
posted by sonic
Hydra Nemesis 2.0 EMS...:mj:
posted by MRN20
AEM ems. well once I get it! Still waiting. :( Mods in my sig
posted by TRD 2000 GT
Motec M4 with all the goodies
posted by fivebob
Motec M800 with all options in my '96 Jspec

Motec ADL with 8mb logging & 50 I/O Pins.

Power FC & DataLogit Software in my '94 Jspec

HKS FCONs in my '97 ST215W Caldina. About to be replaced by a Motec M400
posted by ZEROCOOL
Speed Pro (now fast ecu by tci)
bank to bank
wide band
on board data logger

greddy t78
type c wastegate
air/water intercooler trunk mounted
custom rail and fuel system
fully built motor by JUN
os giken twin disc clutch
posted by abatardi
Haltech E6k running SUPER rich...

3rd gen 3sgte
posted by mr2mch
Accel DFI Gen. VII +

550cc injectors
Greddy TD06
Tial 40mm Wastegate (Hux custom)

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AEM, with speed density conversion (map/iat). Stock ignition for now.

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Still the Gen 6 DFI but fuel/turbo, and pretty much everything else is different except its still a 5sfe with a turbo strapped on it:D

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TEC3 Batch mode for now

Will be going full sequential shortly. then adding the top feed fuel rail and 850cc injectors. But the TEC3 is running great.

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ACCEL DFI 7 (pro) with wideband o2
91 MR2 Turbo
Greddy T-88
1800cc injectors 1/2 inch fuel rail 1000hp fuel pump
+ tones of other stuff so my car doesn?t blow up :)

car not done yet?.

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91T with AEM EMS and IAT and MAP

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Link LEM (full engine management) on my 87 20v turbo, supra 540cc's and a tt rx7 fuel pump.


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