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Sorry for all the sudden questions regarding the ECU Master EMU guys, but I'm a bit lost again.

With all the previous talk about the ECU Master EMU, doesn't there exist a simple overview of how to install it?

I'm preparing to install the ECU Master EMU myself using a PnP adapter, but it isn't clear to me what to do with the stock igniter.

I had the ECU Master EMU running on my car before, but I didn't install it myself then, and at that time, it was installed by soldering it in, using a different wiring harness (which no longer exists). With the previous setup, the stock igniter was not used at all, and I believe the resistor packs for the injectors was differently wired too.

Am I really supposed to just hook up the PnP adapter (and get the IAT wired in, this part is clear), load up a base map, and start the car? I'm worried about damaging the engine or other parts. If the ECU Master EMU doesn't expect the igniter to be part of the system since it can drive the coil itself, might this not hurt the coil?
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