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Hey gang
Anyone done a swap to Gen 5 from Gen 2 ? Roughly how diff or expensive?

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It depends on what you can do and make yourself.
If you already have the Turbo drive train you have a significant cost saving there. Not everyone does go Turbo drive train with these swaps anyway.

Look at the cost of the following (this may or may not contain all the things you need to buy/do)
Buying an engine
Buying a seal kit
Buying new hoses HFH and HFHOE
Water pump
Thermostat and O ring
Coolant tree or adaptor
Oil pump seals
Cam belt kit
Getting the ECU hacked
Buying or making a wiring harness
Intercooler and pipe kit
Downpipe (luckily the GEN5 doesn't have the warped manifold issue like 99% of the GEN4s had)
Turbo seals
New clutch
Axle carrier pins
Fuel hoses
10kohm Tachometer resistor or expensive MSD adaptor
New fuel pump if wanted. I'm sure the existing pump will still have life in it but it is way easier to change with the engine out.
Other miscellaneous wear and service parts you may want to do at the time.

I'm sure there is more but can't think of them right now. Going Turbo to Turbo is easier than NA to Turbo but still a bit of work.

Hope that helps a bit.

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I'm currently doing the swap myself in my 91t. The hardest part so far is the wiring harness conversion, you can always pay for that to be done though. With the gen5 you can resuse your existing gen2 intercooler piping you just need a different coupler for the cold pipe to throttle body connection.
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