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Gen2 engine part out. Engine ran good until clutch went out. Now I'm hoping to upgrade to a gen3. Shipping is not included.
All prices are obo although I believe I priced everything well. If you want pics just let me know and I'll get them to you.

EGR block off plate - $20
91t Alternator - $60
ECU - $40
Stock bpv w/vtv - $40
mechanical speedo (broken but i've heard they're easy to repair??) - $40
brand new stock oem gen2 clutch kit (clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing) - $125
Toms style side skirts (Fiberglass..damaged. few little cracks/chips. could probably be repaired. They fit great when they were on my car) - $50
Gen2 Turbo Non-LSD trans 90k (purchased from tysaxon and was told it shifted great. I never used it) - $220
intake manifold - $20
Gen3 block - $??
complete gen2 head (cams, valve cover, etc.) - $150 (will separate parts)
knock sensor - $25
Gen2 oil cooler - $40

If there is something you need that is not listed just ask. I have a complete gen2 engine so anything on it is for sale

PM me, post here, or feel free to text me if theres something you want. 859.835.3631

Sold Parts
afm - sold
Stock Injectors w/rail and fpr - sold
ct26 (I was told it's a ceramic ct26) - SOLD
downpipe (looks to be ebay type and was repaired at one time) - sold
exhaust manifold - sold
spark plug wires 8k - sold
Toms style scoop (drivers side. chip on rear corner.fits good) - sold
throttle body w/sensors - sold
distributor - sold
intake elbow - sold
steel braided fuel line - sold

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black93hardtop said:
Interested in the Gen3 Oil Pan. This includes both upper and lower sections as well as the windage tray and pickup tube?

I'll pm you tomorrow with some pics of it off the car. I'd assume it would have everything on there as it was on a running car.
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