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My cylinder head was machined with HKS springs, oem retainers and oem keepers. There have been a few reports of failed oem retainers and keepers so I want to upgrade the retainers and keepers and utilize the HKS springs. I want to avoid having to re-adjust valve lash because I have expensive mrs buckets. I thought it would be as easy as replacing the oem retainer and oem keepers with BC. I was wrong.

The BC retainer floats in the HKS springs because they were designed to fit the BC springs and the BC springs have a smaller inner diameter than the HKS. In the picture I sat an oem retainer on the BC spring.

The oem and BC keepers also have different dimensions. Oem height 6.35mm vs 6.45mm. The widths of 1 keeper oem 3.70mm vs 4.00mm

What to do?


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