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I recently bought an 89 mr2 with a j-spec engine. My first MR2 I love everything about the car is great but I must fixes these problems.

1)The biggest problem with the car is that when I start and the engine and it is cold the idle is very high about 2200-2400 but after driving for a while it drops to a perfect 900.
I have lowering the timing and it helped very little, checked hoes all okay, I lowered the idle screw all the way down and the cold rpm lowered to about 2000 but then when the car warmed up it starts to die.

I am wondering if it has to do with this cars total lack of EGR and emissions controls.
Should re install the entire EGR system? Can I even do it on a j-spec? I?ll have to reinstall the non jspec TVIS intake manifold with the EGR hose outlet to the jspec engine. Can I do that? There are some EGR sensors loose and some hoses that go right back to themselves on the throttle. Besides this idle problem the engine runs perfect!
But I am getting angry with this problem. Does this idle problem have anything to do with the EGR??? Do I need a Jspec ecu???

2) There has to be some wire loose somewhere? all my error lights will all come one all at once for no reason it always happens but does effect the car at all. All it does is disengage the cruise when its on?
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