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Cars been playing up, had a heavy downpoor on new years and cars been acting up ever since. I've got a fan lid kit so i've no doubt its water somewhere.

Cars very hard to get to idle you have to fight it to keep it alive, i'm getting an error code of 31. Which says its an AFM but don't have one on the Gen 3 so i'm guessing its a MAP sensor fault. I've check with a new map sensor but no difference.

If i fight the car to keep it idling i can get it up to temp at which time the check light goes out and the cars back to normal, this is after the engine is hot for a few mins. Before then its massivly overfueling because it takes 1/8th of a tank to get it to walm up with lots of popping and banging and the occassional 6ft flame out the back lighting the street up.

Anyone got any ideas on this?
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