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I have a 1991 3S-GTE turbo all stock that I have owned since 1997. It was my daily driver but seem to draw a lot of bad attention because it was broke into 3 times and one of the 3 times someone tried to steal it. It sat in the garage and was lucky to be driven 5 to 6 hundred miles a year maybe on a quick day trip somewhere

Fast forward 19 years later I started driving it to work again and noticed it was running bad and hardly any power. I discovered the catalytic converter was clogged up and I had converter gutted out and that solved the problem and now she runs now like a scalded ape.

So you all know by now the check engine light is on and I understand why it is. What I am looking for several options to solve this issue without replacing the converter.

I also attached a picture of my red Duce.

Any advice on how to trick this issue would be great.


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