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So... I was going down the street and a Rav 4 comes from the opposite direction and tries to make a left in front of me. She didn't get into the neighborhood. I t-boned her going about 40. My airbag goes off. The front end is destroyed and her rav rolls 1 and a half times.

She admitted to the police that she was on her cell phone and didn't see me. The officer assured me should would be charged with fault. So...

I was going to sell my car for $10,750ish and had several interested but the kbb "retail" is $6,100. I am with 21st, full coverage. She stated, "don't worry, I have insurance up the wazoo..." and she was totally unfazed.

This is my first major accident. Insurance has been called and the police report will be available in 7 working days...

my for sale thread, also has some accident pics:

I would like my car back to part out as well...

anything I can do to better my situation? thanks, guys....

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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