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I've recently relocated near sacramento and I have a stock unopened gen2 3sgte and it will be smogged in its stock configuration (so at least for 2 years I won't have to worry).

Still, I would like to be as informed as possible before setting out to tinkering with things. So that being said...

What the general consensus is on passing smog (visual inspection) with a stealth kit from ATS?

If one uses the GT3071WG (internally wastegated from what I gather) and the heat shield is intact, would this slip by?

The alternative I am considering is using a CT27 with a built 2.2L +/- some head work. Ideally, Id like to get somewhere between 300-350 on 91 octane...seems like that might not be feasible on the CT27, but I'd like to hear from some of those out there with experience in such matters. I've done a fair bit of research and searching and there are some conflicting responses and some of the threads date back over ten years so I thought maybe there are some new idea floating around.

I would appreciate any input y'all can offer.
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