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I have a C52 transmission out of a 1987 4AGE AW11 that's mostly good for parts. It has a damaged rear motor mount bolt hole, and 3rd gear is completely shredded, so it's not viable to use it without repairing it. If for some reason you had a 3rd gear lying around and you're comfortable with one of the rear motor mount bolt holes in the bellhousing being helicoiled, or you just want all the parts I would be willing to sell it whole for $150 + Shipping.

I haven't opened the housing to inspect the gears for damage after 3rd got destroyed, but if you're interested in buying a gear I can crack open the case and take more photos. If I decide to get rid of the transmission or am no longer offering a part listed, I will update this posting.

All parts listed do not include shipping. I'm located in Salt Lake City, UT

PART                                           PRICE CONDITION
whole unit                                     $150  ✅ good
stub axles (each)                              $20   ✅ good
speed sensor                                   $20   ✅ good
differential                                   $30   ❓  unknown
bellhousing                                    $30   🚸 damaged
center housing                                 $30   ✅ good
end housing                                    $20   ✅ good
shifting lever and rod                         $30   ✅ good
shifting end cap                               $20   ✅ good
clutch fork (with spring, ball, and boot)      $10   🚸 worn
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