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Belgian AW11 - full nut and bolt restauration

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Hi everyone. I hope it's okay for me to put up a project page here.
I'm Perre and I am rebuilding an AW11 in Belgium. The car should be good as new.
There won't be to many mods or upgrades, mostly OEM parts.
A few non-OEM things that will happen are: Polly bushings, Koni shocks, C161 gearbox out of a Corolla G6R and some rims.
At the moment the car is still red (pink), but in time it's going to be painted Dark Blue. I'm a bit undicided between the Midnight Blue (code: 20353 - some claim 8E4) of the Super Edition and Dark Blue (code: 8E3).
I'm quite confident in this project because my dad is overseeing everything, and he knows his way around AW11's (there's currently 5 in our warehouse) and he is an absolute 4AGE Guru. Also he just finished restauring his own AW11.

The first posts are from the past. I'll post them time to time untill I'm caught up.

Here's some pics of the car how I found it:

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You are getting the seats fully re-trimmed, right?

My plan is to redo mine as well. I love the sport seats in my B8.5 A4 S-Line - as far as heavy cruisers go. What I like about them is that they are alcantara in the centre. I've tracked the car a few times and used it in autocross for a few seasons. It makes a huge difference compared to other cars I have with a full leather seat (cough, MX-5). That said, the factory cloth seats in my MR2 today are decently "grippy" at autocross.

So, if you want the leather look (and smell) then perhaps consider leather outers with alcantara center sections.

I'm also waffling about what to do with my door cards. Mine are cloth "inserts" and are split/peeling away from the backing board and vinyl. I will be doing some kind of a oblique slashes colour swatch on them - no idea on colour yet since I'm not one hundred percent certain on what colour the car will end up (Porsche Aventurine green is calling me lately).

Something like my old S2000 but not all one colour. Not my car in the photo - although mine was identical to this.

If you do yellow then don't go overboard with it perhaps?

Like, if your seats have the yellow the same way as shown in your image then make the insert in the door card have some yellow but don't make it all yellow. Maybe, black with a couple of 3, 4, or 5 cm wide stripes? Just a thought. I'd do something a little less "bright" if it was my car though - but I'm an old fart so don't mind me.

A buddy of mine has a E30 and for his door cars he did the BMW M tri-colour slashes. Maybe TRD tri-colour slashes? Pick up an accent colour from that set of colours to add some colour to the seats (versus bright yellow)?

Food for thought.
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I was thinking to make the doorcards completely black. Never even thought about a yellow line. I do indeed want to be carefull with the yellow. The car does have yellow springs, a yellow engine and some other bits hidden away. That's why it seemed fun to go forntje yellow tipped seats. Maybe some yellow stitchingnin the shiftbooth should In replace it.
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