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So I've got my new audio system in and I'm worried my current car alarm isn't cutting it.

What I want:
#1) 2-Way Alert via remote
#2) Good Range
#3) Aux Outputs
#4) Ability to accept new security modules
#5) Reasonable Price

What I DON'T Want
#1) Auto Start
#2) Useless features I don't need (see list above)
#3) Ridicules Price (Over $200)

I want a basic alarm because I want control over the modules I add later.

I'm familiar with Clifford because that's what I currently own, but I don't know much about the other brands out there. If you have a recommendation or know a particular model number that does the job, please let me know.


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check (memory) they make viper and python and clifford and avital and rattler and...............................
should have something for ya, btw the snake brands are good i have used viper and python in the past and present. no probs if you have ??'s i will be happy to help but will be out of town till friday.leave mail or pm and when i get back will check :)
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