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Well I finally hit my 700awhp number I wanted and then some. I crushed it!!! I went to the dyno setup and ready to run 40psi (2.75 bar) or more. I ended making over 700awhp with just 30psi or 2bar!!! But I ran into ignition problems when running 35psi (2.4 bar). I tried new plugs and gapped them down tighter. At the end I was at .018" (.46mm). But either I have bad wires or a coil started to go. I even tried lowering the boost back down to 23psi (1.6 bar gate pressure) at the end and the misfire was still there. So I have decided to go back to Magnecor plug wires and ordered new coils from Electromotive just to be safe. Hope to return to the dyno in the next couple months. I believe I have a great chance at making 900awhp if I can get a clean 40psi pull done on the dyno!!!!

Here is a video of the dyno session:
Youtube Dyno Video

RPM Signal wasn't working so everything is in MPH. Another sign something ignition was off.

Here is my dyno graphs made in Excel so you can see torque and RPM. You can really see the misfire in the 6000-7000rpm range @35psi like this.

25psi in Excel

30psi in Excel

35psi in Excel


5S stroker (2.2 Liter) CP pistons (9.7:1 compression), Cunningham rods, 5S crank
98+ 5S block Half Filled
Swain Tech Coated Piston, Rods, Crank, Bearings, Combustion Chamber, and Exhaust Ports
ARP main studs
ARP L19 head studs
Hux Racing head stud step washers
ATS 5S .051 Headgasket
shimmed ATS oil pump +4.25mm
ported head (made so exhaust ports flow 20% more than intake ports)
GSC bronze valve guides
GSC Beehive valve springs
GSC Beehive titanium retainers
SuperTech 1mm oversized valves (Inconel on exhaust side)
Shimless conversion
HKS 272 10.4mm cams (IN/EX)
HKS cam gears
HKS timing belt
Unorthodox underdrive crank pulley
Fensport overdrive power steering pulley
Fensport Std size Alt pulley
O2 Induction custom intake manifold
Phenolic spacer
Wilson 80mm Throttle Body
Moroso Oil Pan
Custom Crank Scraper
Electromoitve TEC3
Talor Plug Wires to work with TEC3 coils
Speed Source solid engine mounts
Speed Source SS clutch line
Speed Source shifter bushings
Speed Source Crossmember Bushings
Custom Exhaust 3.5 inch w/ Apex-i Titanium N1 Muffler
Golpher 40mm Aluminum Radiator

Clutch Masters FX725 twin disk clutch
ACPT carbon 1 piece driveshaft
Toyota transmission with (93+ MR2 1st, 2nd gear, and shafts) (ST185 3rd-5th) and (ST205/93+ MR2 synchros)
Frana Billet Shift Forks
Hux Racing Scatter Shield
Mario's Center Viscous Coupling upgrade set to 300 ft/lbs
Mario's Rear Diff Mount
Cusco Rear LSD
Custom Solid Aluminum Rear Sub-Frame Mounts

Two Hux Racing fuel rails
Precision 95 Lbs/hr injectors (Primary)
Precision 165 Lbs/hr injectors (Secondary)
Aeromotive A100 fuel pressure regulator
Aeromotive Fuel Filters
Aeromotive Eliminator fuel pump
Aeromotive Fuel Pump Controller
JAZ 12 gallon fuel cell

Full Race twin scroll T4 exhaust manifold
Forced Performance HTZ4094R w/ 1.19 A/R Turbine Housing (In Precision terms it's a 6768 turbo)
2 Tial 44mm wastegates
Turbo Smart E-Boost 2 controller
Presicion 24 X 12 x 4 intercooler
All wiggins clamps on the IC piping

Suspension and Brakes:
Tein SS coilovers
Whiteline 20mm rear adjustable swaybar
93 27mm front Toyota sway bar
93 rear control arms
Superflex full bushing Kit
Rocketeer Front and Rear brake kits
SSR Competition 17 X 8 wheels w 245/40 17 tires

Momo competition steering wheel
TWM short throw shifter
TRD shift knob
Custom Autometer gauge cluster
Autometer 3 3/8 Speedo (0-160mph)
Autometer 3 3/8 tach
Autometer 2 1/16 fuel level
Autometer 2 1/16 water temp
Autometer 2 5/8 fuel pressure
Autometer 2 5/8 oil pressure
Holley A/F 2 1/16 gauge with FJO wideband
Sparco Figther race seats
Sparco competition 5 point 3" Harness
Custom 12 point cage

Lexus IS 300 Graphite Gray Pearl paint
Shaved fuel door, rear wiper, and rear washer nozzle
VIS RC hood
RC front bumber

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I have about 500 more questions, but I think I will only ask one more.

Which head did you use & why?

I am in the midst of building a 550hp+ 5sgte w/ Gen2 Head. I am considering Port stuffing the intake side & reshaping for higher port velocity. Will not be switching to Gen3 due to collection of parts.

EDIT - Ok, I found that post about your exhaust ports. Good Info.

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That's a seriously impressive set up, seems like the hks cams are the weakest link though...I would of thought you would be running custom 292s with 11mm lift at this power level haha

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