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Aug 25th Lime Rock Track day - EMRA Club

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Just signed up for a Track day with EMRA at limerock Aug 25th

Plenty of time to get yourself scheduled. EMRA also has track timer transponders for rental, which I really enjoy.
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How big of an affair is time trial school? Full day event like NASA comp school? 10 minute checkout ride??
Its pretty much as much like a normal hpde, since youde be in advanced group. Classroom is pretty typical, you can take an instructor. They sign you off and you good or you can keep them on board. You have the transponder the whole time, if you rent it.
How many runs in a day, got spoiled with TT4C events which allows at least 6-8 runs until car breaks, LOl!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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