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anyone here has LED bulb for parking light?

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i am afraid i might end up getting something too big which won't fit, will the 24 LED be too big for the parking light??
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the bulb dimensions look like it should fit, the only thing with the led bulbs is they tend to project most of their light forward, making the turn signal light up funny. something like this is probably a better bet,
i just dont know if its too deep to fit into the housing.
looks like no one really have LED light for their turn signal/parking light, the reason i like LED is cuz they are brighter unlike those ordinary light bulb..
You may like The do a complete conversion for the side markers and tailights. I think they can convert the front signal lights as well. The side markers are $370 a pair and the rear tail lights are $1940 a pair! Too rich for my blood - but very cool I think.

Side Markers:
Tail Lamps:

Anyone want to post a "How-To" on making your own? Please?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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