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Annihilation or daddylonglegs

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I think I saw one of you guys yesterday (2/2) on Port Republic Road at about 9:45 in the morning going up the hill toward the JMU campus entrance. I passed a black or dark blue MKII. I was going toward main street in my Cougar.
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That was probably me, I think I actually remember it. I was probably coming back from my g/f's house then. I live in pheasant run apts. Any chance you're going to the supra club skyline drive trip in April?

I am going to try and get there. Are you going?
Yea I should be, my HFHOE blew on me today (read other thread for details...) so my car will be in richmond until the part comes in and I have a chance to replace it. It doesn't sound so fun from what I hear. Take care,

Well if you repair it here give me a yell I will lend you a hand.
Thanks for the offer, but it's currently sitting in Richmond waiting for me to get the time come fix it. I would have had it towed back here, but I have a nice garage with lots of tools at home and would most likely had to pay someone a lot up here to replace a 5 dollar hose given its location. This is the first time the car has given me trouble since I bought her nearly 5 years ago...

thats not me.. my car is red :)

i didn't know about this supra meet.. what is it? inform me.

Is yours the Red MKII on vine street close to the Sheetz then Matt? Its always sitting at the town houses there when I go by too and from work.
nah i live off Neff Ave in stonegate apartments... although that is close to sheetz.
Hey Matt I saw your MR2 parked at Stonegate today when I went on an errand for work and I drove past there.. It looks pretty nice man!!

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