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Hello everyone! Just wanted to get some insight from others here who perhaps had gone through this before. Recently the airbag light in my dash turned on and has stayed on. I pulled the code from the diagnostic and it's a code 14 which according to the BGB means. This came from a 1993 BGB and mine is a 1994. I wouldn't think the code would be different but I couldn't find the 1994 bgb online.

• Open circuit in D+ wire harness or D– wire harness of squib.
• Squib malfunction.
• Spiral cable malfunction.
• Center airbag sensor assembly malfunction.

Now I replaced the steering wheel with a corolla s wheel about two years ago but I bought the harness adaptor so everything was plug and play. I never spliced any connectors. I didn't get a light then because I replaced it with the battery pulled. So I assume its the clock spring that is causing the issue. I wanted to see if anyone else ran into this scenario. How often can an airbag ECU go bad?

Any input is greatly appreciated. I'll have time this weekend to pull the wheel and recheck the connections. I wonder if the clock spring can be taken apart and cleaned out with electronic contact cleaner.
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