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Matrix Garage focuses mostly on aftermarket parts and custom fab for AW11s, AE86s and the 4AGE but I thought I throw a thread up here to let you guys know about me.
I don't have a lot of racing specific stuff on my website but I can get most anything anyone could need.
I can get sparco, Recaro, Wilwood, NRG, Racequip, Takata just to list a few things.
I can get many gauges including AEM, Autometer, Defi, and others.
I can also get just about anything else including aftermarket service, repair and performance parts and many other things.
I can usually beat competitors prices and if you buy multiple things or make a big order I will try to give a little added discount. Combine shipping and you can end up saving a good bit over shopping around and buying from different places.
I'll try and hook you up with the best deal possible while you help a fellow MR2 enthusiast and vendor. Everybody wins. :smile:
I also do welding and fabrication, Mechanical design, CAD, and have access to water jetting, CNC and many other similar sources.
If you want anything designed or made hit me up.
CAD costs would depend on how challenging the design but it's one of my favorite parts of my job so I make my rates ver reasonable. For simple parts and designs I'd probably do it in the $25/h range right now. If it's a part I think will be a big seller and think I can sell them I will often do designs for free or greatly discounted.
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