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After all that work my motor had a KNOCK... :(

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toyotaspeed90 wrote this, but it's the same story I'd be typing, so here it is.

toyotaspeed90 said:
Well, today was the stretch. Had to go to Toyota to get the missing axle nuts (then when they didn't fit at first we went to Rbrowns house, then back to toyota, then to schucks, then back here only to jam the original ones we bought back on). ----Check

The clutch was being a bitch and wouldn't start bleeding, so on a different (and previous) trip to schucks i had to buy a hand vacuum pump (and it's good to have so whatever). got the clutch bled after a bit of work & time ----Check

The gear oil needed to be put in. Couldn't find a funnel, so he gave me a gallon of gear oil in trade for 2 (he already had one) 1 quart containers that we could easily put into his car. The hose we tried to reach into the tranny was too short. Went to schucks, AGAIN, got a longer & larger ID hose. That got done ----Check

The wheels had to be put on the car, and the car back down on the ground. ----Check

The coolant lines had to be checked that they were properly strapped in, which they were for the most part. Put some coolant in, pulled the car outside (under it's own power) but the motor had a funny noise to it - we ignored it at first. Got it up to operating temp and I think most of the bubbles burped out. ----Check

Told Gary to ignore the noise and go around the block. He made it about 15 feet from the driveway. He stopped when he remembered he hadn't torqued the wheel bolts down. When he stopped 2 things happened - one of the shift cables clips popped out (different story alltogether) AND the knock got worse.

What was the knock????

apparently another member *cough (nw_mr2) cough* put the alt belt on too tightly AND didn't tighten the top bolt on the alternator. The brand new belt shred itself to bits (and in a mk2 the alt belt is almost impossible to see from the top, so this took us a while to find the problem) and was slapping around. With the added benefit of the altnernator moving a bit here & there, we had ourselves a knock.

For the night we pulled the car back in the garage and I cut the belt off. I had Gary start the car, and it sounded PERFECT.

so, once he gets a good shift cable fork clip from toyota (not 2 cheap ones from schucks backed together) and a new belt put in PROPERLY the car will be driving around again. Thanks kevin Wink
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Ah well at least it wasnt the actual motor, heh. Kinda messed up to blow up nw_mr2 like that, but hey. Did he do the same thing to yours, too? Or did you just not edit that part out?

Good luck with the car.

No, toyotaspeed90 is talking about my car. And Kevin put the belt that broke on my car. ;)

I'm mainly just giving him a hard time.
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