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Selling my AEM EMS. Version 1. It was installed and used for about a month. The car sat for several years in storage and then I removed the EMS last summer to sell. It's in the original package. All like new with exception of peeled paint on the aluminum surface. Includes extra long serial cable that will reach your glove box. :)



I have the whole kit. I will sell items separately, but priority will go to selling the main unit first before the sensors (separately).
AEM EMS; P/N: 30-1120 $1000 shipped
AEM 3.5 Bar MAP; P/N: 30-2112 $100 shipped
AEM IAT Sensor; P/N: 35-2205 $25 shipped
AEM Wideband Air/Fuel UEGO Digital Gauge Kit w/ Bosch Sensor; P/N: 30-4111 $135 shipped
(Gauge is complete a 52mm gauge, Black Bezel, Black Face, Red LED read-out and Green back-lighting)

Here is the link to additional photos: Parts/AEM EMS and Accessories

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