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Advice on struts replacements

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Hey guys....first and foremost...I'm back! I just returned from my deployment in Iraq. I'm not at home and ready to spend some money my car. First the obvious. My car still has the original suspension/struts, etc.
I'm looking for an aftermarket brand that is very reliable and can lower my car a bit with out if compromising the conforts of my ride for a good price. You see, I just learned that my tires get too much premature wear. It causes my steering wheel to shake. Before you go asking if I've had a tire balance done, yes....and even when I took it back to get them rebalanced, they said that they are prefectly balanced...but it's my bad struts that's causing them to wear out my tires unevenly. So, can someone please give me a good brand and where I can order them so that I can start the process. I have five weeks of free time before I go back to work. I would appreciate any advice. Remember, I'd like it to be able to lower my car a bit. I currently have front 205/16/45 in the front and 225/16/50 rear I think. So what would be the best combination for the suspension/struts or whatever it is that you call it?


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Struts won't lower your car - springs will.

For a ride that's close to OEM and struts that won't break your budget, KYB makes a GR2 for the MKII now. I've got them for $275/set shipped. If you want adjustables, you can get Tokicos or Konis. Both are about double or more what the GR2s cost.

As for struts causing premature wear....I'd get second opinion. Unless you tire is cupping, it's more than likely your camber setting. Bad struts can lead to the shaking you're talking about, but shouldn't be tearing up tires.

To lower the car just a little and not kill the ride, I'd go with the Eibach Pro Kit.

EDIT - Welcome home and thanks for your service! (Having been there, I tend to forget to thank people...but then I remember how much I appreciated when people took the time to thank me - so THANKS! :))
Hey David, thank you for your prompt reply. I know that I can count on your advice.
Thank you for showing your appreciation about my service to the military. Yeah, as I was traveling home...I got to Baltimore and had lots of people approach us and thanked us for our service, then we hit up Atlanta, and got the same results....finally got to San Antonio and got the same. It's great to serve the US military.

Thanks...I'll look into that Eibach Pro Kit...I need to get my struts/spring replaced and lower my car......time for an upgrade...

peace from San Antonio
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