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Definition said:
I'm a street racer..
to some exstent anyway..
i had a question..
I recently got my hands on a
Vtec DOHC from an integra gsr.
it was free so why not
i was thinking of droppin that in my mr2 (even tho i know its probably not the right thing cause i guess that would defeat the pupose to have a toyota)
but i just want the power.
i also got the cpu to hit vtec at 3g's////
its either that or where can i get one of them nifty new 4age 20v?
what car can i get that out of?
Is this thread a joke..?
This thread should be a 2006 "funniest thread" nominee..

I mean who starts a thread out saying "Im a street racer"? You should be permanately banned for that. Then wanting to put a vtec honda engine in an mr2, just gives more reason to get banned.

I mean v20???????? I'm rolling here.. PLEASE keep posting.. :thumbup:

I have an idea for you.. actually a few.
1.) sell the car and buy a vtec civic... DEM THINGS SMOKE!!
2.) forget about speed. Buy suspension and let the car do what it is supposed to. HANDLE!! Make y0 str33t rac1ng buddies look silly on the back roads... ;)

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well you see
i never really been into cars asfar as
workin on them
i have someone else do it for me.
and weither i street race or not is not relevant
i just want my 3 cars to go fast
i need money to put myself to through college
but thats besides the fact..
i understand if i sound stupid as fukk on here ..
but really.
i never owned a toyota
so now that im actully workin on a car ..
i would like some help..
i have all the tools i need to do what i want with my cars..
i just need the knowledge...
which this site all you's have helped me with thus far with my r2.
thank U
so please bare with me..
im tryin to learn as much as i can in a short amount of time.
i got a deal going down in 3 months
and i need a real dope azzz engine to throw in my car.

Finally running!!
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I can understand if you don't know everything that's cool there was a time we all didn't know it all but don't say you street race I can't speak for everyone but I can speak for myself and keep it on a track.

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Okay.. I'll stop being mean, but it is against board rules to post about street racing so you might want to stop talking about it.. Also.. if you want a go fast car swap in the 3sgte like mentioned before. A 20v is still an NA and they don't make that much power. Plus trying to turbo those I hear is quite hard. The 3sgte swap is going to cost some money but, the way it sounds you it. BTW: just off topic but what kind of cars do you typically race??

Again, sorry for the post above... I just found it humorous at first..
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