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I am entertaining the thought of purchasing a Turbo MKII MR2 soon. And yes i am a honda guy but not ghey. No body kits or JDM rice and etc. My setup used to be a b18b with a 60trim T3 @ 14 psi making 247whp on a manifold i built myself. I just need a few quick questions answered...

1. What are stock block capabilities? I am assuming 300-400whp with good tuning of course since it is a Toyota engine and like the 2jz, the 3sgte is notorious for being "over-built".

2. The stock ct-26 is capable of 200-250whp? And the CT20b is capable of 250-300 whp? Is the ct20b a stock MKII turbo, jdm ceramic ur something?

3. Stock 440s will handle 255 hp according to my fuel calc @ 80% duty cycle, is this genreally true?

4. What is the difference between the 91-92 and the 93+? I think i remember something about a read end or some suspension component.

5. What is the infamous "hose from hell"?

6. Are there any ECU tuning softwares out there for the MKIIs that are in a sense a "hack" of the stock ECU and relatively cheap, and by that i dont mean a piggyback SAFC or the liking of it. I mean like some software that free for the computer, then you would either burn eproms or directly link the computer and tune "on the fly". If there are any honda fluent people here what i am talking about would be something along the lines of Uberdata or TurboEDIT.

and i think thats all for now. TIA.

p.s. i love the emoticons, HT emoticons suck.


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1. roughly 400rwhp.
2. Correct. It came on the engines from 1994's and newer in other countries, not ours.
3. 440's are good until about 270rwhp, but that is pushing them. So your calculations are very good.
4. 93's got, 1" lower suspension and different rear suspension to help the oversteer. Transmissions got dual synchros instead of single and 80% came with LSD. Shorter shifter. Bigger, better brakes. 15" wheels instead of 14" wheels.
5. Its a rubber coolant hose under the exhaust manifold that is tough to change and will go out every 100K-150K miles.
6. There is only ROMtuning that I am aware of. is the only company I know of that will do it.

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thanks for the quick reply. I think you guys can tell im not a n00b to stuff, just reltively new to mr2s and you cant start modding ____ before you do your research properly.

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Variance said:
For question 2. Do not be surprised if you don't hit the upper echelon on your estimates. It's not an easy thing to do. Especially 300whp on a ct20b w/o lots of work.

Go here for dynos :)
I wouldnt, after building and modding cars for awhile you kinda learn to expect the worst, yet hope for the best. thax for the link.
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