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97+ camry crank angle sensor

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Can a 97+ camry crank angle sensor be easily swapped onto an mr2 engine?
Just get the timing wheel and oil pump from a camry and install them? I assume not due to balance shafts, etc?

Failing that, is there enough material on the stock mr2 pulley to mount a trigger wheel if you machine off the AC pulley?

Failing that, does the 3sgte ati damper fit on non-balance shaft 5sfe engines?
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The 1991-1995 US MR2 3SGTE oil pump housings do not have the cut out provision to fit the 5sfe crank angle sensors. You have to get the 5SFE oil pump.

Depending on the capabilities of your ECU, you may not want the 5SFE timing belt pulley that has the 36 teeth for the angle sensor because tooth 1 on that pulley is not TDC for piston 1. More important than that, the 5sfe crank pulley has the incorrect amount of timing belt teeth. The 3sge beams pulley is what you are looking for.

Yes, there are after market options (Racer X) to mount crank angle sensor and wheel w/ teeth on the stock 3sgte crank pulley.

The specs for the STI should tell you which motors it fits.
I am talking about for a 5s engine, not a 3s.
The type and position of a trigger doesn’t matter for me, I’m just looking for a simple trigger setup.

are the threaded holes on the 5s pulley centered on the crank or are they just approximately placed for use with a puller?
Timing belt pulleys are keyed. They only fit one way. I believe that early 5SFE oil pumps don’t have the cut out for crank angle sensor.
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