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93NA Hardtop, 2GR, Metallic Blue (SOLD)

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Sold for $12,800. This was an off-market (unadvertised) sale between board members.

Major points:
163k on chassis, swap completed about 2 years and 8k miles ago.
08 Highlander 2GR w/ 16k miles, OEM oil cooler, Gouky kit, Wilhelm Raceworks Y-pipe
E53 transmission w/ new NA "swap" axles.
Working cruise control.
Double-staggered forged Wedsports (16x7 & 17x8.5)
Fortune Auto 500 coilovers
Spyder 4-channel ABS conversion (1st ever)
Clean no-accident, no rust chassis, paint fair w/ failed clearcoat on top surfaces.
Stock blue cloth interior in good condition.

Sale included stock Evora manifolds, Y-pipe and 3rd cat. And 2GR EVAP box.

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Price included (re)fitment of new AC components (1GR compressor, condenser, dryer, and undercar A/C lines. These items were removed when the car was owned by Paul Brown. Car was an SCCA SoloII Nationals winner in "E-Stock" class under his ownership (Circa 2000). The A/C was removed for weight saving.
Thanks for adding this as a point of reference.

I'm not in the market but a very clean, well sorted and thought out 2GR swap from a known entity... I would have to consider jumping on that quickly!
Jim I would have paid more for this!!!
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