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93 v6 track tested, street "legal"

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93 Sunroof chassis. Ratty exterior, but not rusty. Peeling clear coat, dings, dents, scratches, missing trim, bent, broken, terrible.

-but straight. Of that I'm sure.

Interior is "clean" and pleasant to be in, but not immaculate. Dash is cracked for instance. There are some spots in the carpet that look like cigarette burns though the car does not have "that smell", door panels clean, power windows work. Clamshell disappeared at the shop.

Sunroof in fine shape and shade unbroken.

Turbo brakes, e153, turbo axles, LSD

1mz-fe from '99 camry- we guess 200k? -runs great.

Fidanza aluminum flywheel - this contributes significantly to the pleasure of driving this car.

Accusump integrated - holds oil pressure on the track with DOT-legal track tires (? speedstars used...I don't think full race slicks were used. Anyway more g-'s, sustained, than I can provide but the previous owner, builder, and NASA instructor did. This is a very significant thing if you want to track this car-

air conditioning

OBD-II intact, functioning, rare "evap control" code self-clears when it does appear.

H+R springs, Koni dampers. many new such bits for this build.

Factory manifolds with o2 bungs retained, short Y-pipe fabricated to stock Turbo exhaust. Sounds great, fairly quiet.


Located in Asheville NC


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