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93 turbo motor for sell $500

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hey u probably seen my other post of me trying to part out my motor... obviously i had no luck "no serious buyers".... so now I'm gonna try a different approach... now i jus gonna ty to sell the motor & tranny " LSD " but without the turbo/downpipe... im sell it for 500 "OBO ".... the tranny is new and has under 50k miles on it "no grindin" and the motor it self had under 100K....if interested plz jus let me know...

btw, this price doesnt include shipping..
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^Same question. -Wade-
i live iin tampa, Florida in the 33511 area
You never emailed me pics of the motor.

[email protected]
Email my friend with all the details because he needs a new motor asap.
If the motor has good compression and decent miles we will TAKE IT. I guess we would be calling "dibs" on this one :)
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