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91T Parts for sale

Prefer to sell to someone in the GTA $200 CDN OBO

1) Brand New Buddy Club Racing Computer Spec A (Eng Instructions)

The Buddy Club is a complete fuel controller and VTEC controller but NOT a piggyback. It does not change the MAP signal going to the ECU.

A Buddy Club Racing Spec computer is better than the Apex-i VAFC (or Field VTEC SFC) because it's at a level "in between" a piggyback and a full blown standalone computer.

A standalone doesn't use the stock ECU programs and makes you enter all of your own program commands for fuel, ignition, and auxiliary controls from scratch or provides you with a base program to start off with.

The Buddy Club uses a Windows based laptop program and gives you a fuel table to enter the fuel delivery that you want. You enter your own fuel delivery commands just like the Hondata and the expensive full blown standalone computers. You don't have to settle for the stock's fuel table.

The Buddy Club Racing Spec provides more fuel tuning points or what we call "fine fuel tuning resolution" (200 tuning points vs. 16 on the VFAC) and better "flexibility" (can change injector opening time by 50% vs. only 15% with VAFC and other piggybacks) than a piggyback, if you are interested in a fuel control-only system .

You can have a more aggressive fuel delivery than the piggybacks and aren't stuck with the stock fuel delivery commands.

It also has VTEC switchover capability and has base command programs so that you aren't starting from scratch with a blank sheet for fuel tuning.

There is also idle rpm (anti-stall) adjustment control (for big cams and injectors or ball bearing turbos), speed limiter (JDM ECU's) removal, stock MAP sensor boost limiter removal (for FI boost applications), optional fuel pump control (based on engine rpm & engine load), and shift light indicator output.

It cannot change the redline, Does NOT have ignition command control. However, the ignition timing programs are not affected like the piggybacks.

It cannot deactivate sensor warnings like in the Standalones (eg. in a standalone you can deactivate the pesky Check Engine Light for the secondary OBD2 O2 sensor if you want).

The stock computer still has control of the auxiliary functions like running the fan, and thermostat. The cost range is "in between" the cost of a full standalone and a piggyback.

After doing some cleaning this weekend came across some items didn?t even know I had (Brand New).

Attain 3SGTE Hi-throttle pulley $40 CDN

It?s a simple bolt-on, replaces the 3SGTE OEM pulley; the factory throttle cable is also reused. After installation, there?s an approximately 20 percent less travel on the gas pedal (Not applicable for automatic vehicles)


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Rear Rotors

I'm in Burlington.
Front rotors and calipers have been upgraded.
Rears are stock...looking for set of rear rotors.
How much?

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TRD2000GT said:
Hi Rod. I don't mean the brake rotors... :)

also have the cigarette lighter and the straps that hold the T roofs, if anyone wants them... they're free...

T-Roof straps... still available? LMK, ill grab them when I come for the o2 sensor.

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