'91 MR2 non-LSD E153, missing a few important parts; slave cylinder/shift cable bracket, bell crank, shift shaft arm, shaft breather plug, shaft interlock, reverse light switch, cable sender/VSS, drain plug. Has new clutch fork, release bearing, clutch fork boot, shift shaft seal and boot, new Wilhelm Raceworks shift shaft. The PO I bought it from said it had 100k miles on it, I can't exactly confirm. As far as I can tell this transmission was converted from front shift to rear shift, and I was working on converting it back to front shift, but I ended up going the route of the E351 transmission, so I no longer need this transmission.

LSD splined axles, including a 3S carrier bracket

New Timken MR2 Turbo hubs, I bought them because I would have been converting my NA chassis to turbo spline, but no longer need to.

Would prefer to sell all as one, $450 OBO