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91 2gr mr2 blue MD $5k

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91 2gr mr2 blue MD $4k

91 mr2 with 2gr swap. My build is all over this forum.
Fidenza flywheel
Trd lsd
2gr with less than 30k on it
Emanage w tune
Lots more.

I am asking $4k hoping that's a super price to someone trying to do this swap. Going to be hard to replicate for that money. Car is super fast. I have just moved onto other projects.

Email me at [email protected] Com

Located in MD.
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It is most likely the stock headers. The car runs good and doesnt sound or feel down on power. People get caught up in the HP figures posted with gouky's headers. These v6's in a camry make 210whp. So that dyno is showing 40ish hp over stock. With gouky headers and a tune to raise the rev higher you'd make more.

That is why i posted a quarter mile run. I have run this car twice down the quarter mile. The best was a 13.01. I am not really a drag racer and it was on autocross slicks with a 1.9 60'. If i got the 60' down another .2 with taller tires for better gearing. The car is closer to mid 12s. So the car isnt lacking any power but could def make more with those headers. I just chose to save money and use the stock headers. Hense the price I am asking.
Would you happen to know how much it would cost to ship to anaheim? Zip code 92806. Either the whole car or the rear clip
Costs go from 1100 to 1400 on uship.
Here is what the parts would go for:
Motor $1500
turbo Trans w/ TRD LSD $1000 (paid $550 for the trd lsd alone)
Fidenza Flywheel 250
turbo axles, hubs, cables 200
2gr exhaust 200
Harness 300/ea (i have 2 sets)
ECU 500
emanage 200
then you have the wheels, turbo lid, CF hood, steering wheel, springs and shocks to make more. I have loads of ign coils.
There is money to be made if parting this car out.
There is savings and ease to be had if doing a 2gr swap on your own.
There is no time for me to part this car out.

If you are considering a 2gr swap this is what i paid for my first swap:
2gr Swap
Engine $500.00
91 mr2 n/a body harness $45.00
Walboro 255, hubs, shifter cables, axles $60.00
TRD LSD $550.00
2gr ECU $350.00
2gr engine harness $245.00
MAF $60.00
alternator & belt $135.99
camry pedal $115.00
CM Clutch ACT disk $390.05
fuel pressure regulator w/ gauge $137.51
intake tube $139.00
Rod & Main Bearings $157.32
two rear manifolds $300.00
Machine Cost $90.00
Fidenza flywheel $315.00
Coolant Tee $32.41
Fuel adapters and hose $87.78
engine mount $40.00
Pedal mount Scrap
2gr Body Harness $275.00
2 oil filters, 2 manifold gaskets, lsd additive, 3 qts of gear oil, advance deal 28.98
axle carrier bearing $78.04
exhaust piping $38.62
Nick to wire $250.00
Total: $4,420.70

Add in some of these parts:
Seat Bracket Supplies $66.82
TRM Wheels w/ Star Specs $1,493.40
Carbon Fiber Hood $75.00
Greddy Ultimate $200.00
Total: $1,835.22

Followed by the current unopened 2gr because the last one was crap (and subtracting the cost of the last motor):
2gr Swap part 2
2gr $2,200.00

And you get a total cost in parts to swap a 2gr in the mr2 of $7708.60 (not including the first motor in that figure). So take it or leave it a total savings of $4208.60 by buying my car. If you want gouky headers you have it in the budget.
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Could I possibly get away driving it home (Tennessee) with no problems? If you still have this, please email me zx5r05 (att) yahoo dot Com

Thank you,
This car is definitely running. As for driving it to tenn. Its def possible but I'd recommend some new lights to be sure/safer.

The YouTube vid of this car was like a month ago.
Thank GOD! I so did not need this car but it was such a good deal I was going to buy it and stash it until I wanted to do a v6 swap.
Sorry I could not bring myself to pull the trigger!
Lol exactly. Maybe this was "too good to be true?".

Guy not only got the running/driving car but all the extra stock parts i had, hood/interior. Plus loads of 2gr spares like coils, heads, cams, sensors. Even an extra 2gr harness. I was unloading this car and he really got a steal on what you would have to pay to replicate it.
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