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91 2gr mr2 blue MD $5k

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91 2gr mr2 blue MD $4k

91 mr2 with 2gr swap. My build is all over this forum.
Fidenza flywheel
Trd lsd
2gr with less than 30k on it
Emanage w tune
Lots more.

I am asking $4k hoping that's a super price to someone trying to do this swap. Going to be hard to replicate for that money. Car is super fast. I have just moved onto other projects.

Email me at [email protected] Com

Located in MD.
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Any rust or other issues? Because this is a steal
The chassis is not in the greatest shape. The rear quarter is pushed in and lots of parts were removed.

The interior is completely stripped out. There are no lights currently. There are shells of lights as the tail lights but they dont exactly act as tail lights.

It was build for autox, the car wieghs roughly under 2300lbs and with the 2gr it makes it very quick.

I have a set of custom wheels with slicks that i'd sell for another $1k.

Like I said, I have lost interest in the car (autox)/had my fun. I am hoping to find it a good home.
SIR, I have 2k cash. ON HAND. you can have this amazing deal, today. I also have an amazing ae86. shell only. needs love.
If only I wasn't in the process of building a new house and moving. This would be a great track rat and it's local too...
I will post up pics tomorrow for everyone. Sorry for delayed response responses as I've had a lot of OT lately. Thank you for your interest.
Totally would but I already have one that's street oriented.

Are you getting out of mr2s Tim?

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Damn what a deal! I'm surprised this hasn't sold yet! I would love to have this as a dedicated track car! How much did the Emanage help tuning and power wise? You got me thinking here I might have to make a trip!
I haven't dynoed it yet with tune so I don't know. The biggest help was to raise the limiter cause in autox I needed 2nd to go higher mph so I wasnt so limited in some straights. Helped a lot.
Any serious offers let me know.
I am totally confused why a 2gr swapper isnt jumping on a running driving swap. If I cut my front part of the shell off would someone be interested in the rear clip?
Would you happen to know how much it would cost to ship to anaheim? Zip code 92806. Either the whole car or the rear clip
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