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Picked it up from a kid in 2020 as a project car knowing full well that the engine had an issues. It was my first attempt at restoring a car both cosmetically and mechanically. Things were going quite well until I found out that the previous short was completely shot with a warped block, chipped pistons and a bad crankshaft. As time went on, I realized that this project is wayyy more than I can afford (especially with the unknown of its ability to pass smog in CA 🤷🏻‍♂️).

I’ve cleaned, repainted, and reupholstered most of the interior and it looks pretty damn good! The exterior is in fair condition. Obviously the engine is not in the car, but I did dispose of the old short and purchased another one. That second short is in good condition for a rebuild, but again the crankshaft was bad. Also comes with 2 good heads and 2 flywheels and a bunch of extra tidbits.

I also purchased some nice speakers and a really nice Sony deck along with a VanTop rear view mirror / rear camera system that I have custom modified to fit in the car. I also have the drop links from Rage Racing.

Questions? Leave them below. I will be 100% transparent with everything. Just looking for someone to make me an offer and take it off my hands.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


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