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I have been back and forth for so long about parting out this car again.... but its time. The engine has some issues which will be looked into by a local machine shop and then I'll list what's useable for sale afterward.

A Bit of background about the car...

Although the current setup is not a 2.3 stroker by ATS, the turbo kit is the same (Racer X HTA35R) - review the dyno graph in this link to see how the turbo kit performs. MSPNP Record horsepower

The dyno numbers in the picture in this thread are from a 2.2l engine, pretty much the same setup with a Racer X intake manifold and Vipec VS the MSPNP as shown in the ATS thread. I'll try and find the full dyno graph for these numbers.

Essentially this turbo kit is ridiculous. It's potential allows for v8 torque in a 4 cylinder package... hence why I've had such discrepancies with parting the car out for good.

Shipped°° means to US 48 states

Forced performance HTA GT3586R w/ Tial v-band exhaust housing(.82ar) - $1499 OBO shipped.
Other Parts:
Racer X Straight Runner Intake manifold (2nd Gen) w/45 throttle body flange (NOT PICTURED - That's an ATS IM): $498 OBO Shipped
ATS Racing Trunk Mount IC Kit W/fans: $1100 SOLD
Q45 Throttle Body: $205 SOLD
AEM Wideband w/sensor: $105 Shipped(SOLD)
AEM Oil pressure gauge: $145 Shipped (SOLD)
ATS Racing Fuel Rail Kit (2nd Gen): $155 Shipped
LSD Axles and stubs with upgraded CRW cages: $1520 shipped (SOLD)
Vipec V88 PNP (93+?) EMS with original box: $1499 OBO Shipped
Clutchmasters Twin Disc and Aluminum Flyhweel: $1000 Shipped (SOLD)
Hallman Manual Boost Controller, Blue: $70 Shipped SOLD
Gauge Cluster with EMS powered boost gauge (Blue) installed: $400 Shipped OBO
ATS Racing Adjustable Cam Gears: $120 Shipped (SOLD)
Ashtray Gauge Pod wrapped with CF wrap (not the greatest job): $100 OBO Shipped
MSD Ignition System including 6A, 8910 tach adapter? and Blaster 3 coil: $248 (SOLD)
OEM Oil Pan: $55 Shipped (SOLD)
Factory Cluster voltage gauge: $15 shipped
Skunk 2 lightweight lug nuts: $55 Shipped SOLD
Cruise Control Modules: $60 Shipped
Alamo Racing Distributor Blockoff Plate (Powdercoated gray): $35 Shipped
Interior upper timing cover (Powdercoated gray): $20 Shipped
Aeromotive FPR with rail lines and GM Flex fuel sensor: $170 Shipped (SOLD FPR and Lines)

I'm sure I've missed alot but it's a start. More pics upon request, PM me or email me at [email protected] for more information/questions/pictures etc


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In need of the entire OEM antenna unit. The gears inside of mine took a crap. Are you selling?
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