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Mods, I posted this in the wrong forum earlier, sorry.

Hi guys, I'm a former owner of a 2001 mr2 spyder. I sold the car (needed a back seat for family) and I have a set of OEM 15" rims in mint condition sitting in my storage shed. They have a set of Bridgestone Potenza RE 040's fitted (size 185/55/15 front 205/50/15). The front tires have lots of tread left, the rears are pretty worn out. The rims are in mint condition, never curbed. I bought them from a spyder owner this past summer, and never mounted them. Looking for $400, but I will entertain other offers

Also, I have a set of Yokohama A043 tires (size 185/55/15 and 205/50/15) with about 7000 miles on them. Tons of treadlife left (at least 85-90%), really nice tires. $150 takes them.

Finally, I have a pair of Fuzion ZRi's (205/50/15) with about 500 miles on them (no tread wear). I bought these before I realized they were unavailable in the oem front size. $50 takes them.

If anyone is interested, I'll sell the whole setup (4 mint rims, two sets of sticky tires, a pair of nice rear tires) for $500.

Pick up only, I live about 15 miles southwest of Boston. Please PM me or email me for info or to discuss prices. Thanks. James
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