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**edit... mods if this is in the wrong section, just move it please, i didn't see there was a 3sgte tech section... thanks**

hey guys, i used to have an mr2, now i have a St185, and the celica boards have no one on them so i thought i'd ask a question over here, as i'm in a fix. i never had a problem getting help here, as most of the really smart 3sgte guys are here.

i have a JDM st185 chassis that has a RC motor (2nd gen w/ a/w intercooler on it) being swapped into it. everything is hooked up, we have fuel, compression, vacuum, it turns over, but there is no spark, and it won't start... any suggestions? the wiring has all been double checked, it was a jdm into jdm anyway, so there was little to do... i feel like this may be a distributor or starter problem... any suggestions would be appreciated, but i'm not really a good troubleshooter, nor do i know how to test for either of these problems.

i've been working on this project for about 2 years, and for it to be so close and not there yet is killing me. so any help or suggestions you could give me would be excellent.


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Semi-local and know several alltrac owners who might be able to help out
Email me at [email protected] and maybe someone can take a look at it.
I have a pile of parts in my basement if need to swap stuff out

Tim Plessing
Columbia, MD

1990 celica turbo alltrac - blue/blue cloth - 152K - Under restoration
1993 MR2 turbo - blue/black leather - 57K
2005 Scion Tc - 5 spd, SAB
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