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Hey guys, I was going over a list of stuff I have confirmed parts and where to find them for the Silvertop, basically trying to consolidate all of the info in this forum.
This is a list of all the parts I have used on my Silvertop. If you think of anything else let me know and I'll edit the post. It's a safe assumption that a lot of these parts work on the Blacktop as well, but I want to make a 100% confirmed list. Note - if it says 16v it means it's coming from my 89 4AGE.

16v coolant temperature sensor​
16v air temp sensor​
16v thermostat SILVERTOP ONLY
16v oil pressure sender unit​
16v 4 wire heated O2 sensor (will need to be adapted to plug hole)​

16v distributor o-ring​
Fuel Injector o-rings:​
90301-14006 (the large o-ring towards the top of the injector)​
90301-17007 (the smaller sized o-ring towards the bottom of the injector)​
23291-75010 (another part number for the smaller sized o-ring)​
16v oil filter sandwich seals​
16v oil pump​
16v oil pump seal​
16v rear main seal​
Overhaul Gasket Set P#: 04111-16330​
Valve Stem Seals - $100​
Exhaust P#: 90913-02092​
Intake P#: 90913-02093​
Waterpump o-ring: 96761-24035​
Waterpump Bypass Hose: 16262-16030​
Valve Cover Grommets (set of 3): 90210-09016​

16v transmission - C50, C52 (obvious but might as well state it)​
16v flywheels (212mm)​
16v flywheel bolts​
16v starter​
16v clutches (212mm)​
16v crank pulley​
C52 Speedo sender shaft and gear: 33403-19285 ($26.50)​
C52 Speedo sender housing: 33404-12030 ($18.03)​

16v timing belt tensioner​
Silvertop Timing belt:​
NAPA part #: 250081​
Gates: T081​
Bando: TB081​
Dayco: 95081​
Goodyear: 40081​
Cadna: TB-081​
TVI: TVI 081T​
Blacktop Timing Belt:​
JDM OEM Toyota Blacktop Timing Belt Part# 13568-16080​
USDM OEM Toyota Blacktop Timing Belt U.S. Part# 13568-19185​

16v waterpump​
16v alternator (if you use the 16v mounting bracket you can use the 16v belt)​
16v air conditioner compressor​
Oil Filler Cap: Stant oil filler cap #11121 (Advance Auto)​

91 camry v6 AFM​
93 MR2 Turbo AFM​
late 90's Camry MAP​

Igniter -- part no. 89621-12050, also found on:
MR2: 89/12-95/06 - (Mk2 Turbo)​
Celica: 89/09-93/09 - (All-Trac)​
Lexus SC300/400 91/04-A007?​
Lexus LS400 89/05-94/10​
Previa 90/01-97/007​
4Runner, Truck 88/08-95/11 4x4 or 4x2​
Truck (aka Hilux) 92/02-95/01 NAP 4x4​
T100 92/08-98/07​

Spark Plugs
91-93 MR2 N/A spark plugs:​
NGK BKR6E - V-power copper plug (what I use)​
NGK BKR6EP - same as above but platinum.​
NGK BKR6E-IX - same as above but Iridium​
Denso K20R - standard copper Denso (AutoZone: K20R-U11)​
Denso PK20R - same as above, but platinum.​
Denso IK20R - same as above, but Iridium.​
(0.044" stock gap is fine, you can go lower)​

96 Camry wires (about 1.5" longer than stock, the stalks can be cut)
93-97 Corolla wires (only about 0.5" longer than stock)
3S-GTE distributor rotor

Courtesy of Big Pimpn, here is a list of 20v parts you can get from the dealer with these part numbers

Thanks to
SpyHunter for a number of contributions!

Jeff at Champion Toyota has unfortunately left the company. However Aaron at Lithia Toyota has come to the rescue!

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Awesome work casualsax3! Thanks for the list, I saw this at club4ag as well. This definately makes me feel better about getting parts for a 20V in the future. Sticky this!!

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Thanks underdog!
underdog51 said:
Well I just got some ARP head studs ordered. After our discussion on the phone about the popularity of the 20v, Chris (from ARP) said he is going to look into making specific stuff for the 20v. Untill then this is what you need.

10 bolts
10mm 1.25 pitch
5.25inches long
21.5mm washer

BTW: The 20v appears to accept two differnt size studs, but they actually are set farther into the block on the short side. So all studs are the same length.

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Hey, my local toyota deal can't find the 4wire O2 sensor in any of his listings (so he says) anyone have a part number to toss his way?

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Chrys007 said:
After being told the B/T timing belt PN (USDM!!!!) is invalid by my guys @ toyota, I called 1st toyota as per suggestion of another board member, Roj said that the old P/N is invalid (13568-19185), new P/N is 13568-19086
Didn't you say this wasn't the correct timing belt afterall? How can I tell? I have one sitting here but I want to make sure whether it's right or wrong (And it'll keep people from buying the wrong part if that's the case.)

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Dont know much about the swap but is the Air temp sensor recommended just for the blacktop or its also for silvertop?

If its also for the silvertop, where the heck is my Air temp sensor off my 16v?

20v Super Two
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There is an air temp sensor that's mounted to the transmission somewhere that's used for the the engine bay fan. Other than that, I can tell you that the Silvertop doesn't have an air temp sensor - it's part of the AFM.

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casualsax3 said:
There is an air temp sensor that's mounted to the transmission somewhere that's used for the the engine bay fan. Other than that, I can tell you that the Silvertop doesn't have an air temp sensor - it's part of the AFM.

do i even need 16v air temp sensor to run with 20v?
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