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It's that time of year again! This year's BBQ will be in a more central location at the Don Castro Regional Recreation Area located at 22400 Woodroe Ave, Hayward, CA 94541. This location has plenty of parking, seating, BBQ pits, and it's lowered car friendly! The BBQ will be on the weekend of June 22, 23 depending on the results of a poll. Just like every year it's a potluck, and bringing something to the potluck earns you an entry to win our Prime Driven MR2 raffle! Anyone with a good attitude and an appreciation of car culture is welcome, so feel free to share this post around! Most of the action will be happening in the Facebook group event here, but I'll make sure to keep this post updated with all of the information you'll need to have a good time.

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who's bringing what.
Charcoal-_Danielle Laroya Garcia
Tenderloins & Hotlinks- Damien Rios
Beef- (Ribs) Didi
Hot dogs and buns: Plato Mok
(hot dogs) Wayman Yee
Beef patties-_Jason Li
Carne Asada- Jason Li
Veggies-_Sam Nasarabadi
Napkins- Katy Briones
Plates -_Katy Briones/ Kenny
Lighterfluid- Didi
Refreshments- (soda & water)_Damien Rios
Beer-_Devin Chi Chu
Wine- Trang Do
Utensils- Katie Briones
Tongs- kenny\Plato Mok
Dessert-Dave/ Damien Rios
Goldilocks pastries-_Unda Unos
Disinfectant wipes: Jason Li

Things to bring for yourself:
A lawn chair if your don’t want to sit on the benches
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