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We're back! Spring is 'round the corner and our season starts soon.

All events are in Lot 8 or 6, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY. Rain or Shine.

Saturday April 19 - Points #1
Saturday May 11 - Points #
Saturday May 31 SCCA StartingLine School
Sunday June 1 - Points #3
Sunday June 22 - Points #4
Saturday July 19 - Points #5
Saturday August 2 - Evo Performance Phase 1 School
Sunday August 3 - Evo Performance Phase 2 School
Sunday August 17 - Points #6
August 30 & 31 - Points #7 & 8
Saturday September 27 - Points #9

on site registration closes at 8:45am, $10 discount for pre-reg and pre-paying(FastLane CheckIn). This also will save you about hour not being on the walk up registration line. Just pull up to tech inspection w/ a print out of your receipt. This Fastlane CheckIn registration closes the Friday night before the event.

$45 for SCCA annual members.
$45+15 weekend membership (valid for 5 days, $15 discount on an annual membership) for non SCCA members.

Car must be good running order w/ no visible fluid leaks. Tires must not have any exposed cords or other defects.

Events happen rain, shine, or onset of super storm!

for more info:
NYR SCCA Discussion Froum, any questions, have 'em answered here
Good info for novices
Welcome to NYR-SCCA
Follow us on Facebook w/ NYR Scca Solo.

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LOL... photos of a Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor and a Buick Roadmaster (LT1 wagon power!)... kinda sends a weird message to an MR2 board, hahaha. so do i need to bring a big american sedan or wagon to the event?
Go do drugs somewhere else Choi. Were going to a parking lot for other things.:thumbup
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